Lifeline MC Stock @ Priority Wire is COMING SOON!

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Lifeline® MC and Lifeline® MC LSZH cable systems, making us the first manufacturer in the world with UL 2196 FHIT Certifications for a cable-and in-conduit solution that is also an armored MC solution. Watch as our product withstands temperatures of up to 1010 degrees C!

Lifeline is a Labor Saving alternative to MI Cable and long length availability to minimize or eliminate splices. Stranded copper construction allows for direct termination to equipment. Available in single conductor sizes from 1/0 to 750 MCM. Multi-Conductor from 14 awg to 4/0 primarily in 4 conductor. The armor is continuous and can be used as a ground thus eliminating the need for an additional conductor. Other sizes available. All required connectors, splices and boxes are also available to complete the full system for FHIT compliance.


Please send in your quote requests to Priority or Phoenix Today!